Doctors for America Represents a Small Fraction of Physicians

February 23, 2023

Doctors for America (DFA) claims on its website to represent “27,000+ doctors and medical students”—or less than three percent of the roughly one million physicians in the U.S. But after pulling back the curtain, Americans should even view this modest membership level with a grain of salt.

The group’s membership claims don’t add up.

According to the group’s tax returns, total contributions amounted to $393,000 in 2020. Now if all its alleged 27,000 members were medical students, which is the lowest membership level listed on their website, revenue would amount to nearly half a million dollars.

What exactly does that mean? Either many of DFA’s more than 27,000 members aren’t paying, or the organization is inflating their membership numbers. Now add on that DFA has also received grant money from foundations—including the Conrad Hilton Foundation, Jamieson Foundation, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation—in addition to individual donations not tied to an annual membership, and the math gets even fishier.

Whatever the group’s true membership is, one fact is clear: Doctors for America represents a small fraction of physicians.