‘Doctors for America’ or ‘Doctors for Defunding the Police’?

April 14, 2023

What does policing have to do with medicine? It’s a question that leaves most scratching their head. But Doctors for America doesn’t seem to have that problem.

On the Doctors for America website, they list “Decriminalization and Liberation” as one of their priorities. What exactly does this faculty lounge lingo mean? Well, some of their past behavior is illuminating.

Back in September 2020, the Alliance for Safety and Justice worked alongside Doctors for America to create a report about policing in America. The report recommended reducing police funding and reallocating it to things like “mental health crisis response.”

The report even endorsed community service or electronic monitoring as a replacement to jail for what they called “low level crimes.” For a point of reference, in states like Virginia or California, assault is considered to be a misdemeanor.

And this is far from the only time Doctors for America has supported seemingly pro-crime policies. In 2020 they advocated for emptying jails in response to Covid-19, saying the goal was to “reduce the jail population.” And one year later, Doctors for America endorsed the People’s Response Act, a bill introduced by defund-the-police congresswoman Cori Bush that seeks to “scale back the role of law enforcement.”

Doctors should stick to prescribing medication, not prescribing policies that foster more crime. We’d all be better off.